Join our group! And slim down for the Christmas party season!

Bella Magazine – Free Membership Voucher

Bella Magazine**This offer has now expired (Expiry date: end of September 2013) – Check out our latest offers**

Following the success of our Reveal Magazine promotion earlier this year, we’ve got a great offer with Bella Magazine (on sale Tuesday 13 August 2013 until Monday 19 August 2013).

Pickup a copy of Bella Magazine from tomorrow and you can get a voucher offering free membership for our groups. It’s valid for use for 2 weeks, so you can join anytime before the end of August and start ready to lose weight on the run up to Christmas (oh yes, we’re thinking of Christmas already!)

The offer with the Bella Magazine is that on your first night, you’d pay just £4.95 as a standard member (£4.65 for seniors) at either of our Stretford groups.


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